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Design Talent: Formafantasma

Applying a rigorous attention to context, processes and details, Formafantasma’s analytical approach translates in dazzling visual outcomes and products. Meet the duo and discover their holistic design thinking through their projects and artworks.

Italian designers Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin founded ​Formafantasma studio in 2009 with the aim of facilitate a deeper understanding of both natural and built environments and to propose transformative interventions working on spatial and product design.

From their studio in Milan and Rotterdam Andrea and Simone steer their creative talent both on commercial contracts and self-initiated projects, always offering a coherent visual language complemented by meticulously researched outcomes.

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Some of the most iconic pieces designed by the duo are in the Clay collection of ceramic vases designed for ​Bitossi: focusing their attention on two decorative items designed by Aldo Londi, the designers decided to explore the raw, expressive qualities of ceramic. Using a particular technique, each vase is turned on a wheel and ripped-off of the top: in this way they allow the material to be free to perform, expressing the earthly qualities of clay.

Also, the beautiful design of Migration rugs, realized for ​Nodus, is the result of an investigation on material working. Made with the traditional needlepoint technique, the Migration rugs are inspired by the work of ninteenth century ornithologist John James Audubon, famous for his wonderfully detailed drawings of birds. In this way, Formafantasma suggests a new type of romanticism, wild and liberating, expressing the most ancient of human desires: to migrate towards the new and unknown.

Their clean and sharply defined style is the result of their unique perspective of the design industry. Widening the concept of creation to some of the most important present-day topics, such as the relationship between tradition and local culture, Formafantasma approach is characterized by an experimental research-based practice and a deep investigation on materials, crafts and techniques.

Their unique point of view brought them to work for many international companies in the field of art (Serpentine Galleries, MAXXI, Rijksmuseum and more), fashion (Bvlgari, Hermès, Max Mara and more) and design (​Bitossi​N​odus, Flos and more) also winning many awards and nominations.