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Wooden Framed Mirrors TEST_

Discover the beauty of traditional craftsmanship with a collection of wooden framed mirrors. Explore a wide selection of exquisitely hand-carved pieces or finely decorated with floral motifs, and fall in love with the different expressions of wood. From Baroque-inspired frames to finely carved flowers, pick your favorite among our suggestions, , all meticulously crafted by skilled Italian artisans.

Lose yourself in the classical beauty of a wide variety of mirrors and discover Caiafa's elegant creations, the unique designs by Cugini Lanzani, the simple shapes that characterize Carpanelli, the minimal aesthetic of VGnewtrend, the golden opulence of Mo.Wa, the antique looking details of Cornici Maselli, the rich decores that identify the works of Spini Firenze, the round and soft shapes of Castorina, the clear designs of Morello Gianpaolo and the classic beauty of Officina Capitani.